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01-Dec-2017 04:40

But it, like all things, must come to an end and this will be my last recap of the College Football Playoff top 25 unveiling show. The final show -- with the final rankings -- is often like three hours long and will drive me literally insane. I've started paying attention to which team's highlights are shown during which line of dramatic dialogue (which doesn't change). There will be steaks and cigars -- and no repercussions! He wants the committee to have the "ca-hoo-nes" to put them No. They are laughing like men who expect Oklahoma and Wisconsin to win on Sunday! ) My favorite part is the end when they ask "Who will be en vogue (Auburn)? Jesse says the committee will have a discussion if TCU, Ohio State and Alabama are in consideration for one spot. Booger says, is the thing he wants to look out for. Oklahoma is still on the "not nearly enough" line, and "from the surprising and the expected, to the overwhelming and almighty..." (both Clemson! See how much you're laughing when Ohio State and TCU win on Saturday," Rece says over shots of the committee, yes, laughing. Plus I will be covering a basketball game at that time anyway. : It's Sportscenter: The Six on the lead in, and LOL Marcus Spears has Oklahoma 1, Auburn 2, Clemson 3 and Alabama 4. And now there's a chance for a nice, clean, even noncontroversial College Football Playoff rankings once we reach selection day on Sunday -- but I wouldn't count on it. We've got one more weekend to play -- one more weekend, perhaps, to set the stage for chaos." Eh. Except it doesn't matter because if they win they're in.

Under BCS, UCF would be above Ohio State and Penn State.

"The protocol is the guidelines that the conference commissioners provided to us, and they have given us great flexibility," Kirby says. But he was saying conference championships, SOS, common opponents, etc.