Scurity cameras catch sex

02-Nov-2017 14:52

Meanwhile, Tri Met attorneys use the video to expose people who file false claims against the agency and to prosecute them as well.

“The security cameras give us extra eyes on the system and add an important layer to our security efforts,” said Tri Met Executive Director of Safety and Security Harry Saporta.

Often that collaboration leads to the capture of a criminal.

In two recent incidents, images released to the public helped police nab suspects.

The cameras were installed on the last ten platforms by the end of 2013 and made operational in the past few months.

“TSA is pleased to provide the funding to enhance Tri Met’s security capabilities on the MAX system” said Mike Irwin, Oregon Federal Security Director for the TSA.

The use of Tri Met security cameras doesn’t stop with arrests.

Prosecutors then use video and still images at trial. Also, prosecutors often use the video to clear people who are being falsely accused of wrongdoing.

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When a crime is reported, our Transit Police officers review the footage and pull images to share with police officers throughout the area.

In the video, a security guard tries to break things up at first.

With her family's help, Rosie Morgan finally found that video on Facebook. But an argument between her daughter and a man turned into something much more serious.

-- A disturbing sexual assault in Kansas City was caught on camera outside a shopping plaza on Monday. Rosie's daughter runs off, but the man catches her. The security officer stands by watching as that man gropes Rosie's daughter between the legs. Several cars can be seen in the video, but no one steps in to help.

The victim's family is outraged the witnesses, including a security guard, stood by and did nothing to help. The man proceeds to rip off the woman's pants, exposing her genitals. "He is as much guilty as the people that did that to her because he didn't get no help. The person filming the video can be heard saying, "He's trying to put her in the car." Morgan also says the person behind the camera did nothing to help.Our cameras also assist in solving crimes not related to Tri Met.

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