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While Jones is waiting for a take of a fight sequence he inspects his sword as if it’s an unnecessary extension to his arm that stands between himself and his adversary.

Other parts have been written with guest stars in mind.

The fight scenes are for the most part filmed without stunt doubles, and the physical extremities of a cold winter and a summer heatwave that sent temperatures up to 35°C have given the actors some sense of the realities of 17th-century conditions.

“I still break into a sweat just looking at it,” says Pasqualino of his heavy leather costume. “The musketeers lived on a knife point and risked their lives for king and country every day.

Isaac is a very crucial character and what I loved about this part is that he’s still full of surprises.

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He’s someone that can go anywhere and you never know what direction he’...

Opposite them, looking down on the scene is a stony-faced Peter Capaldi dressed all in black as Cardinal Richelieu and next to him the diminutive figure of a bored-looking young Louis XIII (Ryan Gage, seen most recently in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug), who directs the odd glance or question at the cardinal.