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Thousands of classic game loving fans from around the world!Whether you are a competitive player :: SOCK:: or love to play casually, Gold Token has a large group of opponents to suit your level of playing needs!The command-line version shows a pseudographical board with ASCII art pieces, and asks for a command. The other version (using the same code) is a plug-in for the Eagle Mode ZUI environment.

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With over 200 classic board games and variations to choose from, including different styles of Cribbage, Camelot, Dipole, Rummikub, Xiphias, and Shogi, along with 18 Checker variations like 11 Man Ballot and Spanish Checkers, Backgammon and gammon variations, 20 Chess variations, 4 size variations of Go, Dipole, Dominoes, Reversi, Trax, Gold Dot, Pipes, Chinese Checkers, Hex, Go Moku, Battleship variations, Halma, Lines of Action, unique word games such as Grabble with 6 different variants, Four in a row, Yacht, a large collection of card games like Shake Rattle & Roll plus several variants, Loco Ochos, Hearts, Spades and Whist, Shogi, Outbreak and countless other addictive games, there will never be a dull moment!On the game Free Software Foundation founder Richard M.Stallman said "We even developed a chess game, GNU Chess, because a complete [free] system needs games too." Py Chess is a graphical front-end that works with xboard-compatible engines such as GNU Chess and stockfish, and also comes with its own chess engine if no other is available.To have a top rated social gaming site, with everything our players want and need in just one place!

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Gold Token's environment is suitable and safe for all ages, while providing unlimited entertainment at all gaming levels!Even as a guest you have unlimited daily moves which other sites don't offer, and guests can play in site run tournaments as well.

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