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The paper's stance proved popular and, by the end of the year, daily sales reached 140,000 copies.In 1979, with an average print run of 180,000 copies, it achieved a break-even point.This seemed to pay off as in 1985 la Repubblica sold an average of 372,940 copies, about 150,000 more than in 1981[6]. A special issue was released in celebration, Ten years 1976/1985 consisting of 10 files in coated paper, one per each year, with the re-issuing of many original articles.The launch was backed by a successful advertising campaign featuring a young university student seen purchasing la Repubblica.

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He's holding the same newspaper, but in the meantime he's worked his way up to an important managerial position in a large company.E assicurano, visti i prezzi ai minimi storici, ribassi anche del 20 per cento rispetto all'anno scorso.