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Nucleic acid biosensors are either based on the highly specific hybridization of complementary strands of DNA/RNA molecules or play the role of a highly specific receptor of biochemical/chemical species [25-28].

Nucleic acid biosensors are of major interest owing to their great promise for obtaining the sequence-specific information in a faster, simpler and cheaper manner compared to the traditional ones.

I don't think you can, but you could create that image yourself, just right-click the elements and save them and then merge them together with Gimp. justleen, would that still work with gnome even though it is for KDE?

EDIT: at this website: he managed to do it with xwinwrap, but annoyingly, he never tells you how he made the mario desktop work.

In general, biosensor is small device employing biological recognition properties for a selective bio-analysis [8-10].

Biosensor is becoming popular in the field of food analysis [1], bioterrorism [2,3], environmental [2-4] and in the area of human health monitoring and diagnostics [5-7].

Unlike enzymes or antibodies, nucleic acid recognition layers can be readily synthesized and regenerated for multiple uses.

Nucleic acid biosensors can be more sensitive and specific when combined with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methods (Bell and Ranford-Cartwright) [29,30].

Further, increase of interest to DNA based sensors can be expected in near future together with a commercial production of these devices and their extensive use.

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However, basic research is still necessary to DNA; Biosensor; Nucleic acid; Hybridization; Electochemical detection complementarity.The sensing elements may be whole cells, antibodies, enzymes or nucleic acids forming a recognition layer that is integrated with transducer via immobilization by adsorption, cross-linking or covalent binding.

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