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12-Aug-2017 16:08

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We help you not only to get to know other single men and women, but also to get to know their pets. Do they care about the quality of life that their pet experiences?

After all, the relationship that a person has with their pet, especially their dog, can really tell you a lot about the type of person that they are. If so, they are probably a kind, compassionate, loving, and giving person.

Your Why Pets Matter If you’ve never visited a dog dating site before, you might be wondering what the fuss is all about.

That's why we created a place for single dog lovers to unite!That’s not what you’re looking for, or you wouldn’t be here.No, you’ve searched the new dating sites, you’ve looked for the best dating sites, and you’ve combed through all of the also-ran dating sites for one reason and one reason only: You want to find the right person.Well, you also never go out on a date with a man who doesn’t like dogs, because that tells you a lot about that man’s personality. but even among the crop of new dating sites geared more towards finding romantic partners with less commitment, everyone hopes that one day, they’ll meet someone who is such a great fit for them, someone whose personality is so perfect for them, that they’ll want to stay with that person.

(The same is true for women.) And most of all, if you saw someone treating their family pet cruelly or without compassion, that would tell you something about them too... Even if initially you’re just hoping for a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend, the fact is, you want to connect with someone. You’ve turned to pet dating because you know that a dog dating site might just be the difference between successfully finding someone...

and suffering through the failure of the typical dating site.

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