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Home Office minister James Brokenshire said that the service was losing £2 million a month and stated it was ‘uncompetitive by charging too much for its services and consequently losing business to commercial rivals’.The decision has caused huge controversy within police ranks, as well as within the forensic community both inside and outside the UK.At first sight it looks like a well-equipped school lab with ten rows of benches.On each bench is a computer screen, microscope and sheets of brown wrapping paper covering lumpen shapes.Only approved personnel are allowed inside this sterile environment, otherwise a deep clean has to be ordered because of the risk of contamination.Even to be permitted as far as to peer through the reinforced glass, the photographer and I had to give DNA samples using a mouth swab, to make sure that we were eliminated from any cross-contaminated DNA samples.In here, recovered glass fragments from a suspect’s T-shirt, for example, are compared to ‘control’ fragments from a crime scene. A sample of the fragments is placed in a special oil and then warmed up and cooled down until the point when the fragment refracts light at the same point as the oil.

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Separate laboratories were used for items owned by Diane and her husband to prevent cross-contamination.

As scientific techniques have developed, so has the ability of the FSS and the police to consider ‘cold case reviews’ using something called Low Copy Number (LCN) testing, which can take minuscule traces of DNA from clothing or other items and amplify them to get a DNA profile.