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Another landmark for Mendes was his biggest international transfer to date in 2002, when he presided over 19-year-old Hugo Viana's move from Sporting Clube de Portugal to Newcastle United, a deal sealed for an eye-popping £8.5 million transfer fee. Mendes acted for another teenager, one Cristiano Ronaldo, in his move from Sporting to Manchester United a year later, as well as for the switch of a similarly feted winger, Ricardo Quaresma, to Barcelona (also from Sporting).In an investigative piece for The Guardian last year, David Conn wrote that Mendes acknowledged being involved with an astonishing 68 percent of transfers involving os tres grandes (the big three of Porto, Sporting and Benfica) from 2001 to 2010.

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There is the feeling in some quarters that "Mendes became so big, important and influential that players are only picked for Portugal if they are Mendes' players or with his agreement," notes Pereira, but his flagship clients continue to speak for him, without even opening their mouths."The idea that people have is that Mendes' role in both Mourinho's and Cristiano's careers is a good one," Pereira says, "mostly because they have been winning and performing superbly throughout their careers. and they keep on getting richer and richer."Mendes' Midas touch looks like it will endure for a while yet.

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Instead, Mendes looked to carve out a future in business.

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